CEO at Hydromars

Co-founder and CEO of Hydromars, a Swedish science-based deep-tech company that develops a circular water system for long-term space voyages. As a result of more than thirty years of work with water treatment technology on earth with their mother company Scarab Development, the concept of Hydromars has been developed to commercialize a closed system for water regeneration in space


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In the player you can listen to the interview with Shorena Tsindeliani. Follow the link for the full episode Are there water on Mars yet?  (Includes Swedish narration and interviews). In this episode we talk about water on Mars and how to clean water in space.
As early as the 18th century, astronomers observed ice on the poles of Mars, and with today's technology, more than five million cubic kilometers of ice have been discovered the planet. But whether there is liquid water on Mars, the scholars dispute. Andreas Johnsson is a researcher at the University of Gothenburg and he has been studying the geomorphology of Mars since 2006, and he tells more about Mars surface, water and stone, and about how he gets better by studying Svalbard understanding of Mars.

"We extract water molecules and we leave the dirt or the waste down in the membranes.. in simple words; if other technologies purify dirt from the water, we take the water and we leave the dirt. The water that you will achieve will be completely pure. Of course, you can drink it, but usually it’s not the water we drink on a daily basis, so you definitely have to add some minerals, and here you can add any minerals you want. For example, in space you have some problems with bone density and muscles. You can add specific minerals for astronauts for a specific purpose. And that is why it is super cool to have super pure water and you can make a recipe by yourself."

- Shorena Tsindeliani