Co-founder and CEO at Porkchop

CEO of porkchop, a Stockholm-based startup where they build reusable in space logistics vehicles, aiming to establish an interplanetary economy, Matija tells us about how the went from idea to launch, of the company and with an actual payload on a SpeceX rocket. He also talks about his visions for the future and how to get funding and people to belive in your idea.


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In the player you can listen to the interview with Matija Milenovic. Follow the link for the full episode Can we move things in space yet? (Includes Swedish narration and interviews). In this episode we talk about space debris. According to a recent report from ESA, there are approximately 36,500 space debris parts over 10 centimeters in orbit around Earth. If we count pieces over 1 mm, it’s a staggering 130 million pieces. We visit OHB Sweden and talk to Peter Rathsman, technical manager, about the problem with space debris and what we can do to clean up among obsolete satellites, and about the sustainable and reusable satellites of the future.

"I would say that the hardest thing is getting credibility and get people to even listen to us..

..we are definitely the underdogs in this situation, and that’s completely fine, because you need to earn your credibility. We need to show result at the end of the day.

The fact that we send this propulsion system into space pretty much completely bootstrapped with very little funding, and the fact that we did it with so little funding and such a tiny team, it showed that we can do pretty big things.

But still, we are definitely not like Airbus or Lockheed Martin or anything like this. We’re working to get there, and we want to be bigger than those guys. But definitely, building up credibility, and trust from people takes years, it’s a process."

- Matija Milenovic